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My Weight is Waiting

April 13, 2007

What is the hold up here? I am still relatively the exact weight and size as when I started 13 days ago. My neighbor started a juice feast 10 days ago – he may actually be doing more of a fast then a feast – doesn’t matter, I’m still complaining. He strolled in yesterday and said, “Yeah, I’ve lost ten pounds, that’s not why I started juicing, but it’s a nice side benefit.” I pointed at the door and said, “Get outta my house!”

It’s like my body is sunning in a hammock on the beach. Not doing a thing with the weight, just enjoying the luxurious break. And like a Cabana boy, I just keep bringing her juicy cocktails. To give credit: I do feel good, nice glow to the cheeks, my tummy is more slender and I definitely don’t miss that bloated water weight feeling I usually have after eating anything other than a fruit meal.

This surprising stall of the scale has forced me to look at other reasons for juice feasting. Why else am I doing this?

…<five minutes of blank screen and unmoving fingers>…

Alright, well there’s the whole health thing, detox, regeneration…blah blah blah, I’m young it’s not that earth shaking. The fact I get to say I did it…whoopdidoo. Changing my relationship with food…now that does have juice for me. I have felt quite imprisoned in a tiny cell – just food, me, and very little light. Is it possible I could soon smell the sweet air of freedom and spread my wings in a field of easy choices?  I fear this is only temporary parole.  Yet perhaps I will find redemption here.  More to come.



April 7, 2007

Honestly, it’s been frustrating and embarrassing to be chunky on a raw food diet. I got the glow, but where’s the bod? I lost a few pounds in the beginning, but have fought fat ever since.

Every raw foodist I meet seems slender and balanced. When is it my turn? I’ve gotten advice: Less fruit, avoid dry fruit, do more colemas, eat less fat, eat smaller meals, don’t snack, drink more water, don’t use salt, your body will equalize after a few years, don’t eat after dark, exercise 3x a week!

What the hell? More rules? Sounds similar to the rigamaroll I had to abide by on my cooked food regime. Even though they advised me, those celery stalk gorgeous raw foodies reported a phenomenol carte blanche – they could eat as they wanted and still maintain their ideal weight. Energy levels would suffer if their taste was rich, but the weight was rarely affected.

After 3 1/2 years, I have surrendered. Raw Food does NOT equal Skinny – at least not for me.

This realization is actually a huge relief.  I am unique!  My body has its own rules and conditions it desires to thrive.  With this acceptance of myself, I can stop feeling flawed.  I can be body led, mindful of what I eat, and not think I am impervious to calories and fat.  I can admit I am human and do indeed benefit from regular exercise.

To date, I have never had more fun with raw foods, exercise, or my beautiful bod.

It is this realization that inspired my 92 day juice feast.  The ceremony for a new relationship with food and myself.

Why Weight…here’s my weight journey

April 3, 2007

I am 5’8 1/4”

My frame would probably look and feel ideal at 135lb. That’s my guess, but my body will have the final say.

Stats: ((Clothes off, AM, before any water))

Weight on Day 1: 169.5

Weight on Day 2: 169.5

Weight on Day3: 169.0

Weight on Day4: 166.0

Weight on Day5: 166.9

Weight on Day6: 167.5

Weight on Day7: 167.0

Weight on Day8: 167.0

Wegith on Day9: 166.0

Weight on Day11: 166.5

Weight on Day12: 165.5

Weight on Day13: 166.0