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Genius Tips

April 4, 2007

Tip #1: Handi Wipes are the first genius tip. It’s day four and I’ve had numerous occassions of the “squirts” ((diarrhea…i am commited to offering clear value to everyone that could benefit, so yes, i’m spelling it out.)) For the squirts, toilet paper just don’t cut it.

Tip #2: If you are juicing with a Norwalk, DO NOT set the full glass you are drinking from on top of the machine while juicing. It vibrates off and “splish splash you are taking a bath”! My grey pants were sacrificed to the juicing gods – a price I gladly paid.

Tip #3: For all my luscious, curvatious brothers and sisters, may I encourage you to take really revealing before pictures. ~Embarass the camera lense itself~ Then, if you want, you can hide them for 92 days. My thought is: it’s gonna make quite a portfolio finish!