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Why Blog?

April 10, 2007

I have found Blogging helpful for me as well as for others who read it.

You may have discovered that when something is about more that just yourself, there is more motivation to do it. As humans, we naturally desire to help our fellow two-leggeds. We are heart at our core.

It’s a FACT: You have something to share, some wisdom, experience or genius AND someone out there needs to hear it – from you alone. They are waiting…like the lock without a key. Have you ever had something ‘go in one ear and out the other’? It’s usually a preachy phrase or motto from your folks or lover – they keep knockin, but no one’s home. Then, you hear the same message in a song, see it played out in a movie, or hear it from a perfect stranger, and **BAM** it finally sinks in. Click – unlock!

Everything worth knowing has probably already been said at one time or another. Yet the fact remains: no one will share exactly like you can. And someone is waiting to receive from you and have their life changed forever.