Nice to Meet YOU, I’m Michelle

michelle61.jpgIf you’ve come to this page, you’d evidently like to know a bit about me. I’ll try and reveal some “juicy” stuff that might interest you.

First, the stats: Michelle, 27 years old, Capricorn/Saggitarian cusp, 100% raw foodist 3 1/2 years. I currently serve this world as a Writer and Content Editor, as well as Customer Care Manager for TheRawFoodWorld and Living Nutritionals.

Those that love me would probably describe me as (wow, that feels good to think about, i just blushed with joy – i have great friends) : Smiles a lot, Loves to laugh, Luvs to Luv. Easy to be around, supportive of people and their comfort. Tends toward extremes, equine – wild spirit. Likes to clean. Intelligent and incredibly warm-hearted. Treats everyone like family.

Why raw? My childhood was fantastic. Around age 12 I started having on/off episodes of a mysterious illness that would leave me bedridden with pains and nausea, making it impossible to walk from my front door to the bus stop. The symptoms centered around my digestive area, but no amount of testing revealed the cause. Time progress, illness progressed, until 4 years ago it happened – I was on my death bed. My body rejected both water and food. My frame of 5’8” held no more then skin and bones weighing 89 lbs.

I came to a conclusion: I must surrender to my body and its wisdom, that is my only hope. If body can’t do it, then it’s my time to go. So I laid down and rested for 20 days without food. Bed sores, muscle atrophy, horrible nightmares, and sleepless hours looking at the wall. On day 19 I had a mystical experience that led me to: The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret.

The following day I was inspired to attempt food. Frightened, yet surrendered, I ate and it nourished. After 3 months on the Arnold Ehret diet, I was let to Bernard Jensen’s 7-day cleanse. The arrival of my colema board felt like Santa bringing me everything I ever wanted. After cleansing, my path was clear – I became 100% Raw and moved to California.

I welcome you to this site and trust that the energy of connecting here together will enhance your journey to greater peace

**that is my wishbone prayer**


One Response to “Nice to Meet YOU, I’m Michelle”

  1. Chakra Says:


    May this juicing journey bring equilibrium, strength, clarity and renewal to you on a deep cellular level. In reflecting on both the challenges and empowerment of this path, I encourage you with full support and the focus to pursue.

    Public declaration and commitment will take you far. By taking a stand to your loved ones, you invite our collective support. These first 7 days, when the thought of a mere bite of lettuce can send ecstatic waves of delight…….keep the faith, and if it helps, you will not be alone.

    I will accompany you through your entrance point for these first 21 days. You will be deep in by the time I exit, close to a 1/4 of the way through. I can see you having a juice feasting companion during this entire ride. I have been carving out my Spring Cleanse window for months, and considering we have not spoken, I think it a lovely place to meet, in the field of endless juicing greens. Perhaps someone else will hop on as I sprint towards that wedge of papaya waiting in my mind on the other side.

    On a practical note, how long have you have been sick Michelle, and what ails you? Would you be willing to see a Naturopathic who can likely give you a base line for your health? It could be a great before and after appointment, on many levels.

    Juicing will likely ease all symptoms, though will not clarify what might be going on if anything is happening underneath. With a commitment this big in your space, I myself would like to know if there is anything else going on for you, and how juicing might be the resolution. Give me a call if you want to flush out this scenario.

    Blessings and love on day one!

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