My Weight is Waiting

What is the hold up here? I am still relatively the exact weight and size as when I started 13 days ago. My neighbor started a juice feast 10 days ago – he may actually be doing more of a fast then a feast – doesn’t matter, I’m still complaining. He strolled in yesterday and said, “Yeah, I’ve lost ten pounds, that’s not why I started juicing, but it’s a nice side benefit.” I pointed at the door and said, “Get outta my house!”

It’s like my body is sunning in a hammock on the beach. Not doing a thing with the weight, just enjoying the luxurious break. And like a Cabana boy, I just keep bringing her juicy cocktails. To give credit: I do feel good, nice glow to the cheeks, my tummy is more slender and I definitely don’t miss that bloated water weight feeling I usually have after eating anything other than a fruit meal.

This surprising stall of the scale has forced me to look at other reasons for juice feasting. Why else am I doing this?

…<five minutes of blank screen and unmoving fingers>…

Alright, well there’s the whole health thing, detox, regeneration…blah blah blah, I’m young it’s not that earth shaking. The fact I get to say I did it…whoopdidoo. Changing my relationship with food…now that does have juice for me. I have felt quite imprisoned in a tiny cell – just food, me, and very little light. Is it possible I could soon smell the sweet air of freedom and spread my wings in a field of easy choices?  I fear this is only temporary parole.  Yet perhaps I will find redemption here.  More to come.


14 Responses to “My Weight is Waiting”

  1. Shanti Says:

    Dear One,

    All is transitory. Let go of wanting and craving to lose the weight. It will leave only when you are in peace with it. As for your neighbor, if you learn to celebrate the successes of others, you’ll experience more success for yourSelf – the Law of Attraction.

    Keep it up sister, your committment and perseverance will reward you.

    I Love You,


  2. Joey Says:

    Maybe try weighing yourself only once a week, instead of every day? Obviously it won’t make you lose weight faster, but the body flucuates so much throughout the week, it might be more encouraging to weigh in less often. And, if you keep losing 3.5 pounds every 13 days, that’s over 20 pounds by the end of your juice feast, which is a great accomplishment!

  3. jane Says:

    Gosh! It’s like reading about my own issues. I’m so inspired!

  4. little star Says:

    Soon or later the weight will go down. Don’t despair, you are doing GREAT! You are such a wonderful inspiration for others. Thanks for blogging your journey:-}

  5. amanda Says:


    I would just like to compliment you on your beautifully written, sensitive and honest blog, which will be sooooo enlightening for many healthy (or otherwise) “bingers”, overeaters, etc. I am looking forward to reading about your journey…
    There are numerous “food/diet” blogs out there (many of them soulless, or overly commercial), but I’ve got a feeling yours will stand out impressively with the likes of Ms. Stokes, truly wonderful blog.

    Thank you!

  6. emy Says:

    your writting is great, i can relate ver much. Keep it up.

  7. emy Says:

    Your writing is great, I can relate very much. Keep it up

  8. Mary Lou Says:

    Hey girl, where are your latest exploits???? Where have you gone???? Missing out from day 13 til now, come back come back. But I bet this is all part of a true journey, you get discouraged or lonely with the “Feast”, but we out here need to encourage you to continue journaling.

    So here is one out here saying, COME BACK

  9. Joey Says:

    Ditto to what Mary Lou said!

  10. Alla Says:

    I am saying come back, too. I am also a compulsive eater and I need you.

  11. Sam Says:

    yes, please come back!! i keep checking your site, eager for a new post, only to be disappointed. still hope you’re going strong! we miss you!

  12. Joey Says:

    No matter what happened, whether you fell off the wagon or you’ve become too discouraged to blog, get back here and keep going! We’re motivated by you, and we’re rooting for you! 🙂

  13. amanda Says:

    Cor! You write so well! What a roller coaster of a blog…I smiled, frowned, nodded agreement, laughed, identified and reflected my way through your latest entry – it was well worth the wait! You’re a GREAT communicator!

  14. Mary Lou Says:

    Welcome back! Your journey is so honest and telling. Glad you had support on site and with all of us who wrote a reply. The incredible bonus to the body is something I’ve never gave as much urgency to as much as the “Need to Weight Loss”. Yet, though your journal, I’ve come to realize that one will follow the other and not to worry which one comes first, right???? Also to watch out for “energy” being just “nervous energy that the daily toll will consume”. True energy is remarkable the few times I’ve been in that state.
    Hope to hear about your adventures in “understanding your relationship with food”. I think it is an adventure that takes the 12 steps of something or another to really understand and I hope to learn it.

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