Juicy Juice Combinations

*I have a Norwalk Juicer and a Green Star 1000 Juicer. I almost always use the Norwalk.

Apple Juice – 2-3 apples. Just cut to fit in juicer – seeds, skin and all. If autumn had a flavor, it would surely be this.

Coconut Green Juice – Juice of one young coconut and 2 heaping T Greener Grasses. Blend. It tastes rich and has a malt-like flavor.

Lemon Water – Squeeze 1 lemon in warm water. Nice in the morning, especially.

Mosh Pit JuiceBase: Using carrot, celery and romaine lettuce as the base, I do my gallon+ juice for the day adding random veggies and herbs to the mix. I follow intuition for quantity and kind of veggies. Additions include: cabbage, spinach, chard, kale, parsley, cucumber and beet. Unusual greats are: garlic cloves, cilantro, turmeric, ginger, and red bell pepper.
don’t have to spend the energy creating separate juice combos.
Possible drawback
: all juices for the day taste the same.

Orange Juice – 2-3 oranges, squeezed. OR, cut them up and suck the essence. ((Anyone remember Bunnicula?)).  Great after exercising, as blood sugar is not affected 25-40 minutes after a decent workout.


One Response to “Juicy Juice Combinations”

  1. tori Says:

    I’m on day 11!!

    I am exercising BIG TIME!

    I teach Spinning and group weight training – I cannot believe the ENERGY I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going strong – my goal right now is 40 days – I’ve met a persona nd read online journals that 40 days is the time when cravings for cooked and wheat go away..I will see of I can do it because I am also training for a marathon in May….

    I am taking bee pollen among other supplements…
    Do you know the difference (nutritionally) between raw and dried?
    Besides the PRICE??

    PS I don’t think you should be juicing apple seeds they have cyanide….or something

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