Balancing Beam

All these new habits to form…juicing, weighing, peeing, tongue scraping, composting, blogging, photoing, video taping, enemaing


To flex my feminine muscles of flowing with whateva, feels soo good. My dear lovely friend Jer-Bear described me once as having “springs in my butt”. I don’t suffer from a life of stale routine, yet i often crave explosive change, that burst of newness.

Juice Feasting = Abundant Change and i am happy.

My biggest challenge: fridge space – my man has loaned me two shelves in his fridge already – but looks like i’ll have to shop every few days until my housemates go on their lecture tours in a few weeks. 3 raw foodists, 1 fridge – cramped!

What i’m enjoying most: Yesterday it was smells. Already my nose is sensitive and i feel as if i’m drinking in the air with flowers, herbs and earth. Today, i am praising the Juicy Feast for my frickin flat belly! It’s been a while since i felt like wearing a sexy shirt. My belly may poof up with my first juice, but for now i’m smokin!

Symptoms of interest: *Ear wax – 1/8 tsp – hearing is comprimised, like i’m underwater. *Bottom teeth have a painful nervy sensation. *A few urges that occur as tremendous energy waves accompanied with an ejection of saliva in the back of my throat and tongue desiring to chew and eat something.


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